Wednesday, March 05, 2014

MUA Secrets

Shhhhh...I just discovered a secret most women would love to know about.

I stumbled upon a Facebook Page called MUA Secrets, (MUA stands for make up artist) where trends, trade secrets and hard-to-find make-up products can be found. They had this eyebrow gel which I had been searching for the longest time ever, and was resigned to the fact that I will never be able to find one. You can just imagine how happy (ecstatic is a better word) I was to see that they had it!

You see, I had almost perfect eyebrows when I was a teen, but in the late 70's I had them plucked thinly to follow the trend then.  In fact, the first thing my dad said when I came home that summer break was, "I don't know what it is yet, but something is missing from your face".  What was worst was that nobody told me that by doing so, my eyebrows will never be the same again for the rest of my life. When the trend changed and I decided to grow them back, I had patchy eyebrows that now needed to be shaped and covered with eyebrow pencil.  I was miserable, and only the discovery of eyebrow powders saved my sanity.  Then, I learned that there are gels or pomade available, but where?  MUA secrets!  The owners are based in Manila but one of them is from Bacolod and was due to come home for the weekend.  I lost no time in contacting her so I can take a look at their products, especially the eyebrow gels and I was not disappointed.  This is what I got, the Chocolate Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and  believe me when I say that my slowly disappearing eyebrows are reborn!

It was so quick and easy to use but the best part is that it is waterproof and stays on the whole day with no retouching needed.  After all these years, I once again had smooth, almost perfect brows!  I am so thrilled with the product that I ordered another one :)

It's ironic but when I was a lot younger my only make-up accessory was lipstick. I bought a lot of eye shadows but rarely used them.  Now that I am older, I found a need for good skincare products and long lasting make-up.  For the last 20 years I have avoided the sun like a plague and have become fairer in the process. Looking at my everyday face, no one would ever guess that I had at least 5 products on...moisturizer, make-up primer/base, BB cream, foundation and powder, all with SPF 15 or more.  It's not because I do not want to get wrinkles (that is inevitable), but I also believe that we should take care of our skin as early on as possible.  I started using moisturizers at age 20 and the outcome shows in my 50+ skin.  I have better skin than most people my age.  And of course, there is also make-up that helps me project a good image.  From eye shadows, mascara, lipsticks, liners, foundations, blushers, to loose powders, you name it, MUA Secrets have it.   One of their newer products is INSTAIN.  

I was given the Swiss Dot (Peach) to test and I must say, a little goes a long way.  Because it is highly pigmented, I used a sponge to blend it well into my skin.  In spite of my oily skin (which is not blush friendly), I retouched only once the whole 8 hours...very cost-effective in terms of time spent and amount of product used.  

There are many other great, long lasting products of familiar brands like MAC, Stila, Urban Decay, Smashbox and also unfamiliar brands (at least to me) like Two-Faced, Shop TheBalm, OCC that I wish I could get because I liked everything!  Still, I had to choose only what I needed and liked best, surprisingly majority of which are from the Two-Faced brand...I love the colors and the way they suit  my coloring.  

I'm sure by now you are wondering, how much does these make-up products cost?  Well, for some people, these products may be a bit pricey, and I would have thought so too, if I did not see them firsthand.  However, if one considers the higher number of grams in each package, the long wearing effect, the small amount needed to produce the desired result, then the products would come out economical and one would actually be spending less by not buying make-up as often as before.  I know for a fact that my stocks even with daily use, will last me way beyond 2014 .

Now that you know the secret, go to the MUA Secrets Facebook page.  They ship anywhere in the country.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I'm sure a lot of ladies would be thrilled by this discovery as they have a site to find the latest beauty trend.

  2. Hi!
    I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills products! I have her brow kit in "Blonde" and is my go-to product. I admire this company and the people behind the brand so much, especially that they are originally from my country, Romania. Also, I love The Balm products, I just bought a couple of thing from them. :)
    Enjoy your goodies!

  3. I have yet to check them out - thanks for sharing. I am a makeup and beauty lover - thus, will definite see this! <3

  4. Ohhhh it's my first time to hear about this MUA Secrets and I will visit them later :) I've heard a lot of good feedback with anastacia and the balm instain :)

  5. Revealing those make up artist (MUA) secrets are great. Ladies would like it very much.

  6. hmmmm.......... I don't wanna experiment on my face but lemme check out the site

    1. Maricar, you will drool...hahaha the eyebrow gels or powders are must haves especially for girls our age...hahahaha

  7. Honestly, it is the first time I heard about MUA secrets cosmetics and what amazes me most is that it is a Filipino brand <3 I'll go ahead and check their facebook page right away...

    1. Hi Marssy, it's a FIlipino company but the make-up brands are European or US. A bit pricey but really you get what you pay.

  8. What a great post! The brows should never be neglected in a routine! Recommending this to my sister! :D

  9. Oh, i've been there *the over-plucking mistake* thankfully they are growing back now and the only product that i use on my brows are eyebrow mascara to match the color to my dyed hair. I heard a lot of raves about Instain and might get my hands on them, as soon as i'm over their high price that is (but The Balm's having a 50% off recently!)

  10. i have not try this brand yet, the eyebrow gel looks promising. if you have review that will be great

    1. Hi Kelly, do you have that in Malaysia? I will try to make a detailed review with pictures :)


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