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Metro Manila - The Metropolis I Hate And Love All At The Same Time

I spent 6 nights in Manila from June 17 to 22, 2013 to attend a Trainors' Training for the Zuellig Family Foundation's Health Leadership and Governance Program.  I was taking the 3:55 PM PAL flight from Bacolod, only it was 20 minutes delayed, so that we departed at 4:30 PM instead.  There was some delay in landing and we finally got out of the NAIA terminal 2 just a few minutes before 6 PM.  We walked to the taxi stand at the other end of the terminal but there were no taxis as it was raining, not heavily but not stopping either.  We finally got one at about 6:40 PM, and the driver asked if we can take the skyway, as traffic was terrible in EDSA and Magallanes.  To end a long story...we got to our destination in Makati Avenue which is a short distance of approximately 10-12 kms from the airport more than 3 hours later!   I think I kept yawning not so much from low sugar (hunger) but from lack of oxygen (CO2 saturated enclosed space).

The "Pwede Na" Mentality...Mediocrity as a Life Principle

I was driving to work this morning and as usual, I found myself getting annoyed by many wrong practices but commonly done by people that it got me thinking (while waiting for the traffic lights to change)... are these people either clueless or plain thoughtless that they are doing the wrong thing, OR are they people who know that they are doing wrong, but are inconsiderate and plainly just don't care, OR these people are aware that what they did is not quite right but then everyone is doing it, so they might as well do it too, OR people are so used to mediocrity that this has also become the principle they follow in life.