When I was a little girl I used to watch my paternal grandmother do a lot of needlework and when I went to school run by Spanish nuns, we had one subject devoted to crafts mostly focused on needlework.  I learned how to knit, cross stitch, embroider, and my most favorite of all, crochet.  My grandmother helped refine my skills and seeing how interested I was in crochet, she bequeathed to me her precious crochet books (c.1946) which today I still use.
My Lola (grandma) used to tell me that doing needlework puts her mind in another dimension and she no longer hears the noise around her. I laughed when she said that because I can just imagine her knitting or crocheting happily away while my grandfather was giving one of his lectures...haha.  My Lola was right. I discovered that crocheting helps clear my mind and relaxes me. Right now I am making little crochet glass cozies or coasters...not too heavy stuff (although if I put my mind to it, I can do doilies, runners...stopping short of bed spreads though, heheh) to give as Christmas gifts.  This is my crafts page where I will be posting my crochet projects.  What I make, I give away as gifts or for use at home but last week, someone saw my work and asked me if I wanted to sell some of the stuff I make...hmmmm, that's not a bad idea, although I would not be able to handle big orders since I do everything by hand using crochet needles. Shown below are some of the cozies I have already made.

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  1. Lovely works ma'am! Should you get into the business of it, you could probably hire some people, and train them so that they can help you create small-big orders. You should think about it. Your handiworks actually look impressive! =)

  2. I envy the people like you with needle skills. I used to be a frustrated cross-stitcher, and now want to venture into crocheting. You might want to sell your piece on Etsy. That would make a decent sideline.

  3. Awesome. This is a piece of an artwork that should be improved and industrialized more.

  4. mahilig ako cross stitch. But I've never tried knitting before. I'll try to learn soon.

    BTW, nice DIY! hope u make a tutorial soon.

  5. crocheting is one of the oldest craft and still existing.. very good bonding moments too!

  6. I learned how to crochet when I was in elementary school. It's very addicting and very fun. Though I stopped when I got older. I recently bought supplies and want to get into crochet again. Thanks for posting about it. I got inspired :D

  7. When I was an elementary kid, I remember we had this crochet project but I just couldn't do it I had to ask the mom of my friend to do it for me.

  8. The crochet are lovely! I have a classmate who's very into it and she's just to involved with crocheting that she can't really notice sometimes that she's running out of yarn.

    my grandma used to do crochet for my cellphones though.

    take care

  9. I love doing crochet. Until now, I am doing it. Electric fan covers, place mats, etc. Haha!

  10. nice work! crochet is something i can't do at all, no talent whatsoever.but i can do cross stitch and love it. so i don't understand why!

  11. I can relate to what your grandma said about being in another state of mind. I feel the same way about cross stitching. Unfortunately I haven't cross stitched in years because I'm so busy. I'd like to get back to it to help me relieve stress.

  12. I like your output... but I surely don't like to do crochet... maybe someday I'll try it.

  13. CROCHET is a craft that requires hand and eye coordination.
    It is a talent... sometimes a skill if given much attention.
    It's also a hobby and can be considered a productive pastime as well.
    I tried it when I was in grade school.

  14. looking for large acrylic yarns. local store only carries 35 meter or 15 gm. Anyone know of a good source in the philippines.
    thanks Erlinda

    1. I get mine from a local store too and they don't have the large bundles. Did you try calling the factory or supplier?

  15. Nice job , hope someday i'll learn this kind of art I remember my mom love this :)


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