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An Invitation From Multiply

The Multiply marketing team came to Bacolod City last August 31, 2012 to meet with bloggers and merchants alike. This is in line with their transformation from a social networking site to e-commerce.   I already knew from e-mails and other blogs that the Jakarta based (formerly Florida, USA until early 2012) company will now be focusing purely on e-commerce effective December 1, 2012.  When I first heard about it, I was a little sad but after this meeting, I understood the reasons and merits of the change. Those of us with a Multiply account need not fear that our photos, videos and blog posts will be lost  because the Multiply team will inform and guide all their members with what to do with these.  We then have an option to close our account or transform it into an online shop. I chose to close it down but at the same time I opened not one but two online shops.  Of course, I did not really know what to do with them until I attended this session with the Multiply marketing group.