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Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Weddings

I love weddings. It always reminds me of a fairytale.  Of course, a wedding is not to be confused with a marriage because not all have happy endings but I know that these two I attended in a week's span will be the happily ever-after kind of marriage.

A Blogger's Wedding

Last Tuesday was my blogger friend's wedding.  They had a seven year relationship that culminated in a beautiful sunset ceremony in one of the prettiest chapels in the city. The wedding was basically a family affair with  close and good friends in attendance.  What was unique were the give-aways.  The bride being a chemical engineer and environmentally conscious thought of giving different plants as their wedding remembrance.  I got a jackfruit, a rambutan, and a bignay tree.  I will be planting these in my yard and may these trees be a constant reminder of their celebration of love. God's blessings and happiness always to dear Glady and Levy!

God's Miracle and A Wedding in the family

My second cousin got married yesterday in a fairy-tale setting. She was so lovely, like a live Barbie doll. Looking at her, one would never have guessed she was born premature. She is pretty, tall and quite smart. I am honored to be one of her godmothers. How could a cousin be a godmother to a cousin, one might ask? Well, my cousin is twenty four years younger than I am...the age I was when I was a post-graduate intern in the biggest hospital in the province.  Her mom who stopped over from Manila before crossing back home to Iloilo was only in her 6 month and a half of pregnancy when her water broke and she had to be rushed to the hospital.  I was the intern on duty that day and I assisted at her premature birth. She was just a little bit over 3 pounds and her survival was God's miracle.  She was so small, still inside her amniotic sac and did not look alive, but suddenly she made a small cough and started breathing! I picked her up running to the nursery, hurriedly baptized her Maria Theresa (with tap water) all the while shouting for the nurses to call the best pediatrician I knew at that time...Dr. Natividad Aromin.  The first few days were crucial and she was placed in an incubator. After 2 weeks she was declared out of critical condition. She stayed in intensive care for about a month and a half and eventually was moved out into the nursery where she "resided" for another 2 months. I came to visit her as much as I could but being in a different rotation made it less regular. She was eventually discharged a few weeks before Christmas and her parents brought her back to Iloilo.  I did not see her grow up, but she did come to visit as a teen and young adult with her dad on those not to be missed occasions. I did not see her again and lost contact until it was time for her to leave for the States and of course, Facebook made it easy for us to get in touch.  Last year, she became engaged to her long-time boyfriend (surprisingly from Bacolod) and she asked me to be one of her wedding godparent.  Although I did not expect that, I could not say no. I was there when she had her first breath of life, after all.  This couple's relationship began in Iloilo and Bacolod, later with her in the US and him in Singapore, but love knows no distance and today's technology made communication easy for them. And so, after ten years, on December 22, 2012 on a sunny breezy afternoon at approximately 3:00 PM, Maria Theresa Del Rosario became Mrs. Michael Uy...As God made it possible for her to live, He made it possible for the two to finally became one.

photo courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Uy

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