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Love Me Forever, A Parent's Love

While we were browsing at a bookstore, my son who was a pre-teen then found this little story about a mother and her son, and showed it to me.  It was a touching read but looking at the price, I thought it was too expensive for a children's we put it back.  But I never forgot the story.  As my son grew up, I would remember the story and wish that I bought the book.  Last February, I was tasked to give a talk on "honoring our parents". As I was preparing my slides, I thought about the message of that book and how apt it would be for my talk. However, the only thing I can remember was the story line, the picture on the cover and nothing else. So I started searching on the internet...and many hours later, I found it...Thank God that today everything is in the internet!  The book is " Love me Forever " by Robert Munsch .  Here is a video presentation taken from YouTube. After my talk, I showed this video and needless to say, there were not a lot o