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Monday, January 21, 2013

SM City Bacolod Media Night

Even when I began blogging more seriously, I never quite realized the reach and power of social media.  Although we started getting some invitations to events sponsored by Globe, Google and Multiply, it was only when several businesses started knocking that I saw the importance of social media in influencing opinions and outcomes in almost everything it touches. So that when SM City Bacolod invited the officers of the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. to attend it's Media Night last January 5, 2013, we decided to attend.  It was fun to be part of the "media" even though I am not what is considered a "real" media practitioner.  But I'd like to believe that as bloggers, we too are writers and also, what is more commonly known, citizen journalists.  Our friends from were there (of which I too am a member but have not been very active) and personalities from the different radio and TV stations in the province. We were entertained by the talented, lusty, hilarious, pretty and amiable Ms. Giselle Sanchez who told us that she too, blogs :)  And it was a surprise to know that Ms. G can sing, good enough for a broadway musical! 

photo courtesy of Anton Manso

And of course, don't forget that there's the new four-storey building of SM City Bacolod which will open in March 2013.  This will house it's department store in it's entirety! Shopping galore!  And that is not all, because the second phase of it's mall expansion and convention center (?) will start this January or early February.  All these within 5 years from when SM Prime Holdings started their investment in Bacolod!   

So thank you SM City Bacolod Mall Manager George Jardiolin, Marketing Head Nep Grandea, and indefatigable PR Director May Castro, for making the Negros bloggers one of your partners in progress.

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