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“Everything About Blogging: From Hobby to Money”

The Negros Bloggers in cooperation with SM City Bacolod sponsored a Blogging Seminar entitled “Everything About Blogging: From Hobby to Money” this morning at the SM Event Center.   More than 50 participants registered to listen to our 2 invited lecturers, Enrico Dee of and Lloyd Tronco of . We would like to thank SM City Bacolod through Lorena Quizan Martinez, for allowing us the use of the Event Center, Audrey for the delicious Sugarlandia barquillos and barquiron, Eduardo Mirambel Joven for the tee-shirt raffled off and most of all to Enrico and Lloyd who shared their time, talent, experience and passion for blogging pro bono.  To all of us...happy, fruitful and prosperous blogging today, tomorrow...and beyond! registration table

And Then?.....Blog!

Okay, so this is a continuation of sorts from my last post ...after doing all that, what next? The answer came two days later.  I am now participating actively in a local blogging community, the Negros Bloggers . We are a growing group of people from or in Negros who blogs about anything and everything under the sun.  They have started to organize in 2009 and I was invited by a friend through Facebook to attend a blogging seminar they organized in October 2010.  It was serendipitous I think, because I met some really sincere people who are so into blogging, I felt this was my chance to expand my blogging into something more than just an on and off hobby.  And so, after connecting with more experienced I am active member of Negros Bloggers. So far I have attended 3 enjoyable meetings, the last one was downright hilarious...this is a group with a very good sense of humor but definitely serious about blogging and in fact we have several activities lined up for the

Today I Learned ..... How To Blog and Earn From It

I decided to attend a Blogging talk organized by the Negros Bloggers at SM Bacolod today.  I was looking forward to learning more about blogging and I was not disappointed.  The talks were simple but very practical.  I also learned that I did not need a DSLR to get great pictures and that I could actually make some money from blogging...well, I knew that, but I did not know how. In fact, my cluelessness and impulsiveness in the past only made me lose money which I could ill afford. It is still not very clear to me but now, I know who to ask and how to ask for help in making my blog earn for me. Of course, blogging is not going to be a career for me anytime soon...but if I get paid for doing something I enjoy...wouldn't that be like having your cake and eating it all at the same time?