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The Good Fridays Of My Life

It's funny that despite the fact that I have been a parish volunteer for several years now, I never really wondered why we call the commemoration of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, a Good Friday?  I just took it for granted that it is the way it is...up until I listened to the Society of the Divine Word televison presentation of the Seven Last Words this afternoon.  I am embarrassed to say that maybe because this is also the first time that I am giving it my 100% attention, it is only now that I understand why in spite of the terrible events of this day, it is indeed a Good Friday .  The Second Word says it all.

The "Pwede Na" Mentality...Mediocrity as a Life Principle

I was driving to work this morning and as usual, I found myself getting annoyed by many wrong practices but commonly done by people that it got me thinking (while waiting for the traffic lights to change)... are these people either clueless or plain thoughtless that they are doing the wrong thing, OR are they people who know that they are doing wrong, but are inconsiderate and plainly just don't care, OR these people are aware that what they did is not quite right but then everyone is doing it, so they might as well do it too, OR people are so used to mediocrity that this has also become the principle they follow in life.

My Honda Experience

My family's first Honda was not just one but two motorbikes which my father used to go around our small farm.  A few years later both were turned to motorcabs and sold.  This was in the mid 70's when Honda was still known more as a motorcycle brand rather than a car maker.  This all changed when Honda designed the Civic and established itself as a serious car manufacturer.  In the United States, Carr's Honda is a trusted dealer for Honda cars.  Aside from the Civic, there's the very popular Honda CR-V, a sports utility vehicle because of it's compact and classy design. When my sister-in-law bought a red CR-V three years ago I must admit, I felt a twinge of envy :)    I remembered my first ride on a Honda CR-V with a lot of happy thoughts.