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The Art of Caring...and Listening

How does one define caring? It probably means different things to many people but I guess basically, it's concern, sensitivity and compassion. To me however, caring is not just about feelings but it's also about doing something about that feeling. You see, my nature is such that I have this habit of always trying to find a solution to problems or situations, in other words, I am never a passive onlooker...and the worst thing is that sometimes the problem or the situation has nothing to do with me at all. I would tell my friends that I am the last person they should call when they just want to talk about their troubles because I am not one who would just sit and listen especially when I see a solution, so if they don't want to hear my 2-cents worth of advice, then please don't bring me your problems unless you need and want help. Of course, some people just want to voice out their sentiments and they don't actually want help...unfortunately, I don't have the pa

Some of Life's Favorite Moments

Now-a-days I need to remind myself that inspite of all the troubles in the hospital and controversies thrown at me, life is still good and I can still laugh. All I have to do do is to think about the things that make me happy...and the favorite moments of my life: 1. sleeping with clean sheets and soft, fluffy pillows 2. staying in bed on a rainy day 3. watching the stars under a full moon 4. hugging and being hugged 5. drinking my favorite coffee while reading a good book 6. dancing to my favorite music while getting ready for work 7. being on a quiet beach with pristine white sands listening to the sound of the waves 8. sharing stories at the dinner table with family and giggling over silly things 9. singing my son to sleep every night up to age 11 10. slow dancing and holding hands 11. driving along in a smooth and calm road with a view of the sea 12. watching the sun set in a blaze of red and orange 13. sharing a good laugh with family,friends 14. Hearing from som


Why do things happen? How did we become who and what we are today? Is it fate? luck? coincidences? We have a hundred reasons for why our life turns out the way it does and usually, it's never because of us. I guess it's easier to blame the world, the circumstances and say, I didn't have any choice...It's the will of God! But the fact is, our life is the way it is because of the choices that we have made. I do not deny the fact that there are things beyond our control and these can affect the choices we make. But the truth is, we do have choices ... I like the way Jason Kotecki said it in his blog " but here’s the really REALLY important thing: the choices may not be easy, ideal, comfortable, safe, quick, cheap, simple, popular or fun. Pretending you don’t have them is not realistic. It’s just wrong. "

a list of must-do things before July ends

When it comes to my personal life, procrastinating is one of my bad habits...but today I have decided that every month I will fulfill 5 things on my 2007 to-do list. Okay, I know that half of the year is over but there's still enough time. You see, I still have to make that list...haha. Seriously though, to prove my resolve I decided to write it down here for all to see because making my list public will "force" me to finish what I started, right? here goes! 1. learn at least 5 new words in French and Korean 2. speak at least 10 sentences in Spanish 3. finish a book 4. exercise 15 minutes a day 5. drink more water

what do I miss in Manila?

I was in Manila for 3 days where I attended a convention/reunion with my fellow graduates of HLMP. It was good to see them and a needed break for me to get away from the pressures of work. One of the activities lined up was to watch 2 plays in the CCP, Palanca in my Mind and Hubad , both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. In retrospect, these are the things I miss most living in the province...the diverse cultural events, the bars and the bands, bookstores (although now, we do have NBS in the province), Mark and Spencers...what I do not miss is the traffic, smog, pollution, the floods, the noise and all the other unneccesary trappings of an urban lifestyle. Of course, what I need most when I do go plenty of money...but that's another story :)