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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Unholy Week, Unholy Life?

How did we spend Holy week this year?  When I was growing up, Holy Week was always a pious occasion for the family.  The children would play quietly during Holy Thursday and Good Friday while the adults would spend the time in silent reflection and speaking in low voices. We would religiously join the processions during these two days and join in most church activities. I'm sure the motivation for doing so was not the same for all of us kids, but even so, the meaning of Holy Week was not completely lost on us back then.   I miss those days.

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Good Fridays Of My Life

It's funny that despite the fact that I have been a parish volunteer for several years now, I never really wondered why we call the commemoration of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, a Good Friday?  I just took it for granted that it is the way it is...up until I listened to the Society of the Divine Word televison presentation of the Seven Last Words this afternoon.  I am embarrassed to say that maybe because this is also the first time that I am giving it my 100% attention, it is only now that I understand why in spite of the terrible events of this day, it is indeed a Good Friday.  The Second Word says it all.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Summer Is Here...Weather Permitting least for today, it looks like summer.  The sun shone brightly with no rain clouds in sight. It was a different story yesterday when it rained so hard in Bacolod...but only in the vicinity of the Lagoon, SM and downtown area because when I got to Robinson's and Lopue's, it was just rain showers and by the time I reached the Ayala area, it was drier than dry.  

What Rain?

Reaching Silay, I drove into a gas station for a refill and asked, "did it rain here?"  I got a blank stare that said..."what rain?" Oh...okay.  But this is actually a common occurrence in the occidental side of Negros Island since who knows when.  My mom tells me that when she first came here to live in the 50's after she got married, she and my dad would borrow my grandfather's jeep to go to Bacolod.  The sun would be shining in Silay and the weather balmy.  But when they enter the boundary between Talisay and Bacolod, it would be raining...and vice versa.  It was really crazy weather. So I guess, it's not much different then except that this happens more often now than before.  And of course, contributing to this is climate change.

Holy Week 2012

It's Holy Week and officially the start of summer.  Unlike most people who see this week as an opportunity to get out of town for some R and R, my family and I spend it at home year in and year out. This is a conscious decision made after that first time we went to Boracay for Holy Week way back in 2000.  This was also the year that my birthday fell on Black Saturday. To make a long story short, the weather was good, the beach was wonderful, the company was great...but Boracay is the worst place to be for Holy Week. Frankly, during the 4 days we were there, I thought the sky would turn red and we would all become pillars of salt, just like what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah.

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I don't want to be a party pooper but there is a place and a time for everything.  Our Lord and Savior does not ask for much.  Out of the 52 weeks of the year, this is only one week of our life. This is a time of renewal and thanksgiving for his unending love, mercy and sacrifice. Surely, for those of us who believe, this isn't too hard to do.

PostScript by author (04/16/2014)

I wrote this piece in April 3, 2012.  I am republishing it today because after reading what I wrote about that rainy Holy Week, it  did not seem so much different now that it is's been raining really hard since my birthday last Monday!

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