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The Passing of a Friend

I met Pocholo when we were both enrolled in a pre-med course in La Salle Bacolod. He eventually changed course and became a lawyer while I plodded on to become a doctor. I only stayed for 2 years in La Salle Bacolod but that was enough to create a lasting friendship.  Thinking back, he was not your typical teenager...although I found him both serious and funny, Philip as we called him then was also very responsible, caring and helpful.  On hindsight, he was very protective towards all of us that he seemed to be older and more mature. In fact it is only now that I learn that he is just one month older than I am. I have many good memories of  Philip "Pocholo" Dabao as Philip and later as Pocholo.  He became Pocholo or Pochoy to me, 25 years later when I attended the homecoming in La Salle when he was the alumni president. As time went on, I would see him rarely...but every time we did, we always have a short chat catching up on each other's lives. I have this one special m

Happy New Year! ....Another List and No, It's Not About Resolutions!

As 2009 ended, and remembering new years past, I had a lightbulb moment when I realized that hey! 2010 is the last year of  the first decade of the new millennium. I remember when the year 2000 was approaching, how people were placed in a panic mode because of all the dire predictions being thrown around as early as 1997. I admit I had some blessed candles available "just in case".  Of course, nothing really happened...January 1, 2000 was just an ordinary sleepy day (after all that celebrations) and life went on.  But since I am a list person, I can't help but think about what I did and did not do...what changed or did not change, what happened and did not happen during the last 9 years?  The first 5 years were basically uneventful...I say so because I could not remember anything important, so I presume nothing happened.  For posterity and remembrance and before I forget everything I decided to make a list (being a compulsive lister who most of the time misplaces the  li