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Sedative Dentistry: Making Dental Visits Painless

As a small child I went to our friendly elderly dentist in our small city. This was in the late 60's when sedative dentistry was not commonly practiced by general dentists.  I don't know what it is but unlike some of my playmates whose baby teeth would just fall off, mine seemed to be indestructible and so when I was seven years old, my mom brought me to our dentist since one of my permanent front tooth was already growing behind the baby tooth. Needless to say, after my tooth extraction, our poor dentist lost some patients waiting for their turn that day. He then informed my totally embarrassed mother that he will be referring me to a modern clinic in the next city for advanced dental work since I also had a decaying molar that needed to be removed as well as major orthodontic work. A few months later, off we went to see this new clinic. They had a beautiful, air-conditioned office with several chairs and I was assigned to a young good-looking male dentist who smiled a lot.