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Yesterday, March 7, the pilgrim relic of St Therese of the Child Jesus was schedule to pass by our small city on it's way to the airport going to Manila. The last time the relic came to the Philippines was in 2000 and I remember lining up with my Mom, brother, son, our house helpers in the Carmelite Monastery Chapel in Bacolod City where it was placed for public veneration. We were among the thousands who lined up then. This time, when the relic arrived we did not have a chance to visit because we had so many appointments and in fact, my mom said that everyone in Bacolod was in the Carmelite's except us. So the next best thing was just to line up in church to watch it pass by in motorcade on it's way to the airport. I woke up early and drove my Mom to the church, and on our way we saw children lining the streets carrying the diocesan flags and flowers also waiting for the motorcade. Upon reaching the church, I wondered aloud...why are the people inside, will the relic