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Marvel Characters Come To Life Once More

The Avengers started showing two days ago in local cinemas but I still have to watch it.  I rarely watch movies (I wait for the DVD to come out) but when it comes to Marvel comics, I make a beeline to the movie house. Except for Thor, I watched all the movies: Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Daredevil, Hulk and the X-Men. I think it's because these comic characters whom I grew up with have finally come alive.  I have a collection of comic books but the best of these are those of Marvel. I loved the drama, the stories, the fictional characters that seemed so real and the natural drawings.  Unlike other comic characters that seemed too good to be true, the Marvel characters were more real-life.  I was fascinated with Captain America and his love story. I felt for Spider Man when he lost his Uncle Ben.  Yes, they were superheroes, but they also proved to be very human.   As an afterthought, I wonder if Stan Lee does another cameo in The Avengers. No sp