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Rainy Day

I live in a country that's humid and warm most of the year and so when cool weather comes, I welcome it with gladness and joy....but,... not when this cool weather comes as a result of rain. When I woke up at 7 this morning, I thought the alarm went off early because it was still dark outside. My son came rushing into my room...loudly, I might add, asking me to bring him to school since it was drizzling outside. Well, being the good mom that I try to be, I grudgingly got off the bed, washed my face and went into the van in my night clothes. As I dropped him off, I told myself, cool weather at last. It's past 2 in the afternoon and that slight drizzle is turning into a little typhoon. Here I am sitting in my office and I have not done any real work today. I don't know about other people but rainy days makes me lazy and sleepy. I know someone who feels sad when it rains and my friend who used to live in London told me that winter depresses her. I like rain but probably not wi