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How I Celebrated My Birthday This Year

I had it all figured out.  I was going to have a forgettable birthday, so quiet that not even I would remember.  But events have a way of conspiring against the best laid plans and so, what better way for people to know that it is my birthday than to renew a driver's license and passport.  To beat the crowd, I decided to leave the house early.  After bringing my son to the university (summer classes), I proceeded to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) hoping to find a good parking space (finding a space in this area is like looking for a needle in a haystack) and I did (after calling all the angels for help)!  I stood in line only to be told that licensing renewals were now processed only at their Robinson's Place satellite office.   Whaaaattt??? If I knew that then I would not have driven all the way down here...big sigh!  So off I hurriedly went since parking in that mall is even worse because of the renovation going on but like I said, my angels found me one right in front

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

Frankly I don't remember talking what I wanted to be when I grew up.  It was always the adults around me who would answer..."a doctor!"...every time someone asked. And like a good mimic...I would say the same thing.  Of course, as the years went by the idea of becoming a doctor took root and when college came, I just went along for the ride.  But what did I really want to be?  What were my dreams? Well for one, I wanted to be a princess.  I don't remember who brought me to see Forever My Love (1962), a condensed version of Sissi, a 1955-57 film trilogy loosely based on the life of  Elizabeth, Empress of Austria .  What I remember after that is the fact that I was so taken by the idea that maybe I could be a princess.  I think I was around age 6 then, and later I was able to see the sequel (?) to the film which further fueled my imagination and dream of becoming one.  I would convert my bed into a castle, my blankets into long skirts and play pretend for hours on en