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Detachment - The Art Of letting Go

When I was in my 20's, the concept of change was something abstract in my mind and in a way it still is, because more often than not, it is something that does not always happen in one go.  More commonly, it often occurs in stages and is intangible and you only feel that something is changing but the impact of the change can only be seen much later. There are many people, things, standards or even concepts of the world , that are important to us and some of these, we feel like we cannot live without.  When something happens and we are forced to let go of what is important to us, we all go into crisis mode.  I have yet to meet someone who doesn't do that. So how do we avoid all the stress of life changing experiences?  I realized that the easiest way to let go of things is detachment ...but that is only as far as "things or objects"  are concerned, because when talking about detachment, I do not want to put people in the same category as thin