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Life Lessons: Credit Card Dos and Don't

I always believed that I was a person who knew how to use credit cards correctly, and so when I was earning enough money, I applied for one.  Well, I was so wrong.  By 2010, I had incurred enough credit card debt that would have enabled me to buy a new car.  But that is getting ahead of my story. Before I begin telling my credit card saga, I would like to make mention of Diner's Card Corporation , the very first company that gave me my very first credit card in 1988. Many years later, I would realize that among my many other credit cards (I had 6), it was the most friendly and had great customer support.  When it was time to close down all my accounts, Diner's gave me the fastest response and facilitated an installment process that was painless and stress-free. All the others get a double, no make that triple thumbs down from me. And so, here are the hard lessons I learned regarding credit card use. Hopefully these will inform and warn potential card holders before they f