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Bukal Ng Tipan- Learning About Community

When my mom and I were informed that the Diocesan Lay Formation Center (DLFC) will hold a training for its facilitators and some graduates to be conducted by Bukal Ng Tipan , we did not hesitate to sign up. I have been a volunteer of the Diocesan Lay Formation Program from it's very beginning and it has been an exciting journey for me.  Yes, I was a facilitator but I have also gotten a lot of insights from our participants which I never would have learned anywhere else.  Still,  I felt that after 7 years of the DLFC, it was time for us to be re-energized.  I have heard good stories from our staff who took a few of Bukal's courses and so, I was looking forward to the 3-day live-out facilitators' training even though it was going to be on a weekend (which included Mother's Day).