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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Revere Beauty

Last October 10, I was supposed to attend the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival at SM City Bacolod but it rained so heavily and I couldn't get out of my car. I then decided to go to another event I was invited to by a friend at the Business Inn. I was able to park at the basement and my friend was quite happy to see me, as there were only a few guests when I got there.  After I greeted her a happy birthday and some introductions, I was told that this event was about a new direct selling beauty company called Revere Beauty.  Their products are made of absolutely no heat cold processed virgin coconut oil (ANH-VCO) and selected essential oils and oil extracts from fruits and plants. Revere products are ABSOLUTELY FREE of harmful chemicals. They currently offer  the following: Herbal shampoo, Natural hair cream, Coco cleansing bar, Coco body scrub, Feminine wash, Lightening body lotion,  and Whitening deodorant.  After the product presentation, they announced that they will raffle off 10 business kits and guess who won one?  

I tried these products at home and they actually work!  My hair is softer but stronger (less hair fall) and the soap works well with my very sensitive has actually lessened my skin itchiness due to contact dermatitis. A friend who came with me (and also won a kit) says the same thing. And of course, there's the bag that came with the kit which makes it a really good investment.

Conclusion: great products, well worth your money!

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