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QUAN Delicacies, A Legacy Of Good Food

Quan Delicacies has been my source of Ilonggo and other native Filipino food for the last twenty years or so. I can still remember the excitement I felt when they opened their first self-service restaurant besides the Bacolod Doctor's Hospital.  When I was taking my graduate studies in La Salle, I would take lunch there and later, they opened another restaurant in La Salle Avenue which was even more convenient because of the bigger parking space. And so when the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc was invited for food tasting of their newer products, I was happy to go.  

Buy Premade Food, Or Make It Yourself?

When I was single, it was the struggle that I always dealt with – should I buy premade food at the grocery store, or should I buy the supplies and make it myself. Since I was young, was just eating for myself, I typically opted to buy the premade items (or just skip the grocery store in general and stay with fast food), but now I’ve changed some of my ways. Here are some thoughts on whether you should buy premade food or just make it yourself.