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Monday, May 06, 2013

Saigon Cafe - Everything They Say Is True!

I finally got to experience what many of my blogger friends are talking about...the good food of Saigon Cafe, albeit an abbreviated one.  Together with two co-workers, I decided to go for the Pho Bo Friday Special last April 26.   As I wrote in my previous post, the location of the place and the time were mainly the reasons why I did not go with my blogger friends when they checked out the place.  Surprisingly, although out of my usual way, the place was not hard to find.  From Pepsi, all I did was to go straight ahead, then turned left into the Marapara road (you can see the sign: Bacolod Golf and Country Club), then again going straight and turned left in the first corner I saw (thank you Glady of Experience Negros for pointing out that it was in the street right after Marapara Golf).  But it was in this narrow street that I got a little lost since I was looking for a big sign.  Asking around, I was pointed in the direction of a house with a bamboo fence.  As we approached the open gate, Sylvia Gerangue, Chef of Saigon Cafe was there to welcome us.  Although quite early (5:30 PM) some people were already there ahead of us and I knew one of them!  The place was simple and homey, but with a great zen-like atmosphere.  The owners had really maximized what limited space they had  and even decorated one wall with a bamboo mural to give it a more authentic ambience.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saigon Cafe - Vietnam Comes To Bacolod

My cousin works in Saigon and Hanoi, and he has entertained us with stories about his great food experience there.  Well, I have always been curious about Vietnam and was very surprised to learn that there is a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant in town that my blogger and non-blogger friends are raving about.  Three weeks ago, I was invited to join some of them for food tasting in the Saigon Cafe-Garden Resto, unfortunately because of myriad reasons (foremost of which was the time and distance), I have been unable to go.  However, my blogger friends Rick Gotera of Adventures of Hijo A de Pongol who made the first two invitations, Sigrid Lo of Mama Cooks and Glady Reyes of Experience Negros wrote great reviews of the place and they must have love it because in a span of two weeks, they all went back a few more times bringing with them their families.  I feel bad not coming along and so, to atone for this, I am posting some pictures taken from their facebook site, as well as that of my friends. For more information, please visit the links above.

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