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Give Your Clutter Away

As I try to put more order in my life the first thing I need to do is to clean up my room and give my clutter away.  I confess I am a bonafide, certified, professional pack rat. I am a keeper aka collector of things I like (translation: I overbuy) like books for example, so much so that there is hardly anymore space in my room for storage. My books are from wall to wall, old clothes in plastic bins one on top of the other, and paper...lots of it.  It's embarassing but I get sentimental over things I feel is part of my memory, so I keep them. I also have this habit of keeping old stuff which includes school notes, researches etc...just in case I, or someone in the family may need them for reference in the future.  Bottom line, I really do not know how to throw away anything. But now, as I go through another life changing experience, I finally realize that all these holding on to stuff accumulated through the years are actually proof that part of me still lives in the past.