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As I try to put more order in my life the first thing I need to do is to clean up my room and give my clutter away.  I confess I am a bonafide, certified, professional pack rat. I am a keeper aka collector of things I like (translation: I overbuy) like books for example, so much so that there is hardly anymore space in my room for storage. My books are from wall to wall, old clothes in plastic bins one on top of the other, and paper...lots of it.  It's embarassing but I get sentimental over things I feel is part of my memory, so I keep them. I also have this habit of keeping old stuff which includes school notes, researches etc...just in case I, or someone in the family may need them for reference in the future.  Bottom line, I really do not know how to throw away anything.

But now, as I go through another life changing experience, I finally realize that all these holding on to stuff accumulated through the years are actually proof that part of me still lives in the past.  So, I decided it's time to move on and start cleaning up.  

There are two practical ways on how to do this. One is to have a yard sale and the other is to give away the things to people who might need them.  Since I have very poor business sense (I would not know how to put a price on my used things, which are not of the signature kind anyway), the give-away idea appealed to me especially when the season of giving is about to start and I cannot afford to buy anybody a gift.  I have relatively unused things in sunglasses, bags, clothes that no longer fit (yes, I gained weight!), and high heels that are no longer practical for me to use. 

the first ones to go...
My plan is to put all the things I am giving away in separate boxes and invite close relatives to have a first look and if they see something they want, they can have it...whatever is left will be given away to other people who may want or need them.  As for my beloved books...well, I have donated books in the past like my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collection...although I admit that I held on to them till I was in my 30's and had to unload only because we were moving into a smaller house...heheh.   And so, if I give books away, I want them to go to a good home (I know, I know...books are inanimate objects). Last week, I learned that the building being built in the grounds of a local school will house the new city library which will open in January.  I already talked with the City Librarian about the possibility of donating my books there and he was very happy about it.  Well, I too am happy because I know that my books will be read and put to good use...and in a new library too!

Dare I say...all's well that ends well :)


  1. I have a tendency to be a hoarder too sometimes. The hardest thing to give away for me are the books. Goodness!

    1. lol, me too...I used to have nightmares on what books to save when there is a fire. My room is still full of books from floor to ceiling...I don't have an empty wall left. I still have books in storage and classic books (Jane Eyre, Little Women, etc...) in duplicate which I plan to donate to a school library.

  2. my comment should have gone like "holding with things say a big part of you" but you've stated it at the lower end so whola. i should do the same. i have as well the same license of a pack rat.hihi

  3. Oh-Em! I can so much relate with you! I'm a HOARDER! That's what my sister and Boyf are telling me. And it's so hard to organize them especially if they are piles on top of the other already. It took me a year to finally decide which are the stuff to keep and to be given away. I'm still in that process though~ =) I hope we can share tips on how to organize our beloved hoarded stuff! =)

  4. I also practice what you do "My plan is to put all the things I am giving away in separate boxes and invite close relatives to have a first look and if they see something they want, they can have it...whatever is left will be given away to other people who may want or need them."

    It can be a bonding experience for family members.

  5. that's what I do too! I actually gave 2 boxes of books to my nieces who are studying in a public school.

  6. I don't think I'll ever part with my books..I can't!!!! :(

  7. Same here. I have loads of stuff! but every single thing that I have has values and its hard to throw or give them to somebody knowing that those things have been a part of me for years :)

  8. I can really relate. I just de-cluttered my shoes and still deciding what to do with them since most people I want to give them to have smaller feet sizes. But for some items, it would be really nice if you just sell them :)

  9. its more practical to give away those unused/unnecessary stuff. there are lots of people who might be needing them more or you can sell them online at least for extra income.

  10. Hahaha! I'm a HOARDER, too. And yes, I do live in the past. I actually have all of my test papers from law school and the oldest is from years ago. I just can't throw them away. I have a whole lot of stuff as far back as highschool and I'm keeping them. As with clothes, well, I do donate some from time to time so it's not really a big deal for me.

  11. im a hoarder as well! especially with my shoes!

  12. This is the 2nd post I read tonight which pertains to decluttering or uncluttering personal things. It's good to once in a while trash out things we hardly use or not need anymore.

  13. interesting article.. keep it up..

  14. I do this too, man. It's actually fun to give away stuff, and I use it as an excuse to have fewer but better items in my condo :) Good post.

    - jsncruz


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