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The Grumpy Neighbor

Every neighborhood has one. Our next door neighbor is the perfect example of the grumpy, cantankerous, ill-tempered, and disagreeable type that one can find even in the nicest villages.  He is peevish, constantly complaining and a fault-finder.  He makes Mr. Wilson of Dennis the Menace and Sarge of Beetle Bailey combined look quite tame in comparison. Everyone in our street and our surroundings find him so annoying that I often wonder how his family can stand him.  I feel quite sorry for his wife and children who are all very pleasant and friendly.  In fact, I was a sponsor at their daughter's wedding several years ago since she is quite close to me.  And so, for the many years that we have been neighbors, my family and I have tried to be as respectful and as tolerant as possible to the man of the house in spite of his crankiness and many idiosyncracies .   Retrieved from But today, I just felt that enough is enough. A