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A list of Firsts

In our lifetime, there are many firsts...first teeth, first food, first haircut, first steps, first words and more...all of these are usually documented in pictures or in a diary or album. But there are also many firsts that are just kept stored in our memory banks...the ones that just happen because it's part of living and growing. Things like.... first crush, first love, first kiss, first date, first heartache etc... For today, I decided to write down as many firsts of this category (rated GP...hahaha) that I can remember before memory loss sets in... 1. first crush - at age 10, I developed a crush on a 16 year old 3rd cousin who I thought looked like Paul MaCartney. I followed him around the whole first serious stalking activity ;) 2. first dance - also at age 10...I went along with my Mom to the Seniors' graduation party of the high school where she was teaching. Physically I looked about 13 or 14 having developed earlier than girls' my age. There