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Negative forces

The past week has really been weird...I think these series of unfortunate happenings for the past few days is a message of's like it's telling me to pay more attention to what is important and essential in life. Okay, so it got my attention...I'm listening. And you know what, if these negative forces think that by making these events happen they can make me lose faith...they're so wrong...nothing, and I mean NOTHING could make me lose my faith and fortitude. I admit that when things go well for me and all my days seem to fall into place, my relationship with God suffers and I am so guilty of neglect...I know that God misses me and is now once again knocking on the door of my heart. I say sorry all the time to Him and again and again He forgives me. I guess, I have no excuse really, except for the reality of my humanity, and my human weaknesses. I will stop making promises that I could never keep anyway, and this time I can only promise to try hard to be fa