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From the moment I registered on Facebook , I knew that this was the site for me...not Friendster, not MySpace, not Multiply, not whatever else is there. It's not a perfect site but it has something for everyone whatever their age, sexual orientation, religion, etc. It's a place where one can interact with people and here, I found it easier to keep in touch with friends that just e-mailing them. Facebook has helped me keep up with what my friends are doing without necessarily talking to them. There's an article I found about how to use Facebook professionally and the best thing is that it's a lot of fun! Right now I have 110 people on my friends list, most of whom I know personally but a few random friends who I think are really nice people. I've had 3 or 4 people who have removed me from their friend list and I think that's rude because I would never remove anyone but then, that's me. Still, people who do that are not really someone who I'd like to

Discovering Facebook

I just discovered Facebook and since I registered last Sunday, I have been spending a lot of my internet time on it! Yes, Celine Lopez is right when she said it was addicting. I have only made 2 friends so far, but I am so having fun with all the features I am's definitely better than Friendster and it even makes me laugh! So I guess you could say that I am hooked and in a way it's helping me put aside even for just a little while all the problems in the hospital ( including the 2 people who are trying their utmost to make my life difficult ) that is way beyond my control anyway. This site has everything,...well almost, quizzes, look for it, it has them, it's like being in a large playland with lots of things to do. I rarely go on-line at home but for the past few days now, I have been doing that and it's all because of FB! and to think that I have been promising myself to finish reading all the books that have been gathering du