Discovering Facebook

I just discovered Facebook and since I registered last Sunday, I have been spending a lot of my internet time on it! Yes, Celine Lopez is right when she said it was addicting. I have only made 2 friends so far, but I am so having fun with all the features I am's definitely better than Friendster and it even makes me laugh! So I guess you could say that I am hooked and in a way it's helping me put aside even for just a little while all the problems in the hospital (including the 2 people who are trying their utmost to make my life difficult) that is way beyond my control anyway. This site has everything,...well, quizzes, look for it, it has them, it's like being in a large playland with lots of things to do. I rarely go on-line at home but for the past few days now, I have been doing that and it's all because of FB! and to think that I have been promising myself to finish reading all the books that have been gathering dust in my room...oh well, back to putting that on my 43 things to-do list again.


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