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A Liebster Award Nomination For Life, Day By Day

I have been very busy for the last seven days that I could not get on-line till late evenings, so you can imagine how many e-mails and messages I have not read. If I was really tired, I would just check my mobile browser and see if there is anything important, otherwise I'd go to bed. Tonight after putting my little girl to sleep, I saw that there was a message on this blog's Facebook Fanpage. So, I decided to open my laptop to check it out. Well, surprise, surprise! It was a message informing me that Mom Chronicles nominated Life, Day By Day for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much! I am honored that someone would even think that my blog was worth nominating. Now, I am not a person who cares much about getting recognition but, honestly...this one felt good even if I had absolutely never heard of this award before...hahaha.