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Reclaiming January

I spoke too soon....I think.  January 2011 started on a very positive note...and then...uh,oh... First, how could so many people I know or know of die in one week's time?  There was the mother of a fellow doctor and a staff nurse, all within 24 hours of each other...then 2 of our neighbors just dropped dead, also in a span of 1 or 2 days from each other!  And before I could even give my respects, last rained! It rained so much from evening until the next day, that it caused flooding all over the city (as well as 3 other neighboring cities and one town), causing mass evacuation of people in several barangays, stranded passengers in stalled vehicles and trapped employees who could not get out of their work place because of the rising flood waters. You can see people getting off buses and walking home in knee high son walked for about 2 and a half kilometer in the dark (there was a blackout to avoid electrical accidents) in order to get home. My nephew

Bad or Good Luck?

Once in a while I do get superstitious, especially when something bad happens to things at home one after another.  I get this eerie sense that when these occur it somehow offsets a worse event from happening and I can only feel relief.  Suddenly it does not matter that over the weekend my son lost another cell-phone... that this morning, our table top Christmas tree fell again...that my expensive hair clip broke...and that the staff of the mini St. Joseph  broke after my daughter threw the small statue.  Over-all, it has been a great week and today was a very good day.  But isn't it scary when life seems almost perfect?  So when something makes my day imperfect, I always thank God that all that negative energy has been channeled to something unimportant and replaceable in my life. And that I am once again lucky and blessed.


February 2009 started out not differently from January or so I thought. The first week, my son Ramie's cellphone was lost...misplaced...fell...whatever. But, if you saw his phone, you'd have said good riddance. It was functional but looked...well, battered. Since his last phone was a camera phone which he also lost, he chose a cheaper one as replacement and it has been put to good use(abuse)for the last 2.5 years. So losing this phone didn't hurt as much. One week and one day later, on Friday the 13th, it was my turn to lose something. This time, it hurt! We planned to attend a fund-raising for a young man stricken with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia but at the last minute, it was only Ramie and I who decided to go. I brought my 3 month old digital camera "just in case" there was a photo opportunity. Well, when we got there, it hasn't started yet and so we decided to drive around. When we came back, I decided to leave the camera in the car and forgot about i