February 2009 started out not differently from January or so I thought. The first week, my son Ramie's cellphone was lost...misplaced...fell...whatever. But, if you saw his phone, you'd have said good riddance. It was functional but looked...well, battered. Since his last phone was a camera phone which he also lost, he chose a cheaper one as replacement and it has been put to good use(abuse)for the last 2.5 years. So losing this phone didn't hurt as much. One week and one day later, on Friday the 13th, it was my turn to lose something. This time, it hurt! We planned to attend a fund-raising for a young man stricken with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia but at the last minute, it was only Ramie and I who decided to go. I brought my 3 month old digital camera "just in case" there was a photo opportunity. Well, when we got there, it hasn't started yet and so we decided to drive around. When we came back, I decided to leave the camera in the car and forgot about it until we got home. To my horror, it wasn't there anymore...did it fall off? did somebody steal it? where could it have gone? Anyway, in spite of all efforts, it was never found. Now, you would think...nothing more worse could happen, could it? Well, does the non-detection of the hard disc in my less than a month old notebook one week after I lost my digital camera count as more worse...then, it did. And to top it all, later when I tried to withdraw money from my ATM, it deducted from my account but did not disburse the cash...wahhhhhhh. There's still 2 weeks of February to go and so for the rest of those days, I decide to walk on tiptoe. There were a lot of work related stress during those last 2 weeks and when February 28 came, I was giving a sigh of relief...and then, at approximately 6:30 PM, I got a call from Ramie's friend informing me that he sustained a fall while playing football and his R ankle twisted. Can he walk? can he stand? The answer was yes...so I had him picked up. When I saw him, he was walking...or limping and in fact was inclined to spend the night with his friends, one of whom was celebrating his birthday. Of course, I refused and brought him home...which is a good thing because before the night was over, his right foot was swollen. It took him almost 3 days to be able to walk again and another week to get all the swelling down. February is now over and March is still not great but I'm no longer losing things. But it doesn't really matter...there are far more worse things that could happen than just losing things. I told myself after all these happened...Trust God, He will make every day a better day!


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