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Google Map Maker Summit

Together with blogger friends, I attended the Google Map Maker Summit last April 12, 2012 held at the Santuario De La Salle here in Bacolod City.  I know of Google Maps and Google Earth since I use these a lot for research and references but this was the first time I became aware that there was a Google Map Maker.  I did not even know that I was already using this application when I was adding tags to my house in Google Maps. That just tells you how much of a newbie I still am when it comes to web development (most of the participants said they were "developers"). Anyway, I learned a lot that day and have registered to be a volunteer in Mapping the Philippines, in particular my city and province.  In fact, I plan to organize a mapUp in my city before classes open in June. A mapUp is basically a gathering of about 10-20 volunteers whose goal is to map their area of the world.  Here are my pictures of the event. Mapping is more fun in the Philippines!