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Thursday, February 02, 2012

On Wedding Planners

In the not so distant past, wedding planners were unheard of. When people get married, it was usually just their immediate families who help out with the arrangements and actual event. But now-a-days probably because of the busyness of life, wedding coordinators or event planners as some would like to be called are the norm rather than the exception. It has become big business and some become very successful ones. But what is a good wedding planner? For the last 2 consecutive years I have attended at least 7 weddings either as principal sponsor or guest and most of which had wedding coordinators taking charge of the whole event. Two of those weddings had Clay Tan, one each for Dennis Ochoa, Vivienne Villanueva and Carmela Arlocas-Gamboa. Carmela (I was principal sponsor too in her wedding years ago) is more of an event organizer/producer but this is one wedding she could not refuse as it was of her husband's first cousin (thus, family) and for an initial foray into weddings, she did quite well with a few understandable glitches. But the biggest disappointment of all were with the ones done by Clay Tan. Why? Because she was well-known, more experienced and had marketing savvy. The two weddings (in 2010) which were about a month apart from each other were both a bit cluttered (for want of a better term), although the first one was better than the second. She and her staff were all over the place that they distracted me. I think wedding coordinators, planners, whenever possible should not be very visible or at least try to keep their presence as unobtrusive as possible. This goes the same for videographers and photographers. I was told that Clay was doing more weddings than she could handle thus the quality of her work was suffering. Well, that's what happens if you have 2-3 weddings going on at the same time...that's really beyond anyone's capacity to perform well. The worst wedding coordinator I have seen however, was the one who "took charge" of my cousin's wedding last February...thank God I was only a guest this time. Their team was disorganized and did not look professional at all. I thought some of them were helpers by the way they dressed and spoke. When I asked my cousin where she found her wedding coordinator, she said that she was referred by some friends and had a Facebook page. Well, from what I know of Vivienne Villanueva is that she is a good decorator and event stylist. I did not know that she coordinated/facilitated weddings too. I did see her assistant (who...uhmm, looked quite colorful) right in front of the altar when the wedding march was starting. He even made our uncle stop singing the entrance march. I believe the glitches stemmed from the fact that since Vivienne was based in Manila, she was not able to coordinate with the family regarding specific details. But a good wedding planner/coordinator should always be prepared with last minute changes and adjustments. I don't know what happened but let me just say, this was one of the more uncoordinated weddings I have attended. The most impressive of them all was the wedding in Iloilo last December 2011 coordinated by Dennis Ochoa. From the church to the reception, everything was impeccable. The decoration was beautiful, understated and elegant. His staff looked very professional with their light blue striped shirt and beige pants, hair in a ponytail and black pumps. I only saw 2 of them, but everything was very orderly and well-managed. The videographers and photographers were many but they moved quietly and did not distract me which is important, since I get annoyed with people running around taking pictures during the mass. And so, to Mr. Dennis Ochoa and his team...great job!

For those of you planning a is my unsolicited ranking :)

A. Wedding Planner/ Coordinator / Stylist
  1. Dennis Ochoa -10/10
  2. Clay Tan - 6/10 (one of the weddings was okay)
  3. Vivienne Villanueva - 4/10
B. Photographer 
  1. Pat Dy -10/10 (the best I've seen so far and probably the most expensive)
  2. Tronco -8/10 stars
  3. Tm Malones - 8/10
  4. Gerard Dacles- 8/10 stars
  5. LeoVision- 8/10

C. Video
  1. Mayad - 9/10
  2. LeoVision - 8/10
  3. Tronco - 8/10
  4. SKT - 7/10

Mike and Tata Uy/video by Mayad

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