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How I Celebrated My Birthday This Year

I had it all figured out.  I was going to have a forgettable birthday, so quiet that not even I would remember.  But events have a way of conspiring against the best laid plans and so, what better way for people to know that it is my birthday than to renew a driver's license and passport.  To beat the crowd, I decided to leave the house early.  After bringing my son to the university (summer classes), I proceeded to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) hoping to find a good parking space (finding a space in this area is like looking for a needle in a haystack) and I did (after calling all the angels for help)!  I stood in line only to be told that licensing renewals were now processed only at their Robinson's Place satellite office.   Whaaaattt??? If I knew that then I would not have driven all the way down here...big sigh!  So off I hurriedly went since parking in that mall is even worse because of the renovation going on but like I said, my angels found me one right in front

My Son Is Turning 20 Today...Sniff

Twenty years ago, my son came into my life as a 3 month old baby a few days after my dad passed away. My Dad had a massive first heart attack and the family was so unprepared for the loss. He attached himself to me before he could even say mama and as soon as he can walk he would follow me around...wherever I was in the house, he would be right there beside me. This little baby boy stole my heart like no man has ever done. He has given me the gift of motherhood and I finally understood what unconditional love looked like. When he was little I would always pray that he would turn out to be a good man...and well...I also hoped he would be tall since his birth mother is a very short person. So, I made him drink liters of milk, gave him growth vitamins and made him sleep early. When he turned 16, he was almost 5 feet 9 and I said to myself...I don't want to be greedy...5'9" is okay Lord. Well, he grew another inch well as bigger! And so, I begged the Lord..

Another Year, Another Birthday...

I can't believe it's April already...4 months into 2010 and I'll be having another birthday a few days from now.  Birthdays aren't anything like they were before...I used to look forward to my birthdays but now, before I know it, the day is here. Last year, I even forgot it!  Hey, I don't mind growing older but unlike the time when one is a kid and birthdays were all about you, now-a-days the celebration isn't so much about you anymore but rather an opportunity for people to celebrate...even if you don't really care to.  There are actually 2 of us who will be having a birthday a few days first, then my niece who will be turning 13.  She of course, is so excited and will be having a 3 day celebration, while I will be attending a seminar workshop in another city and spend my birthday morning there...which I hate because even though I don't want to celebrate, birthdays with family waking me up with kisses and hugs is still a big deal for me!  Of


I became a mom in February 1991, the month my father died. I did not plan on motherhood, not for lack of a maternal instinct but mainly because I was already in my 30's with no relationship that was serious enough for marriage...yes, I believe that children should be born out of love and marriage. At a time when my family was experiencing a strong sense of loss, this 3 month old baby boy came into our lives. He brought laughter when we found very little reason to do so. His presence at home made us forget our sadness and we all began focusing our attention on him. Before long, I was spending more time with him than any other aspect in my life...even my work and friends. In fact, this was the year I started being late for work almost everyday because I was putting him first before anything else. In other words, I fell in love. He was God's gift to me and he made me a mother before it was too late. Two days from now, on November 3, 2008, this baby turns 18. Looking back, he