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I Created A Blog

Today, I finally did...created a blog, although I don't exactly know what a "blog" is. I think in my days we called it a diary...or journal which nobody reads except yourself, unless of course you have a nosy brother or sister. Anyway, I think the principle is similar, only this time, everybody who is anybody and interested in what I have to say can get to read what I write down...And to me that's good because my life is an open book anyway. I call my "blog"...Only for Today. Why? well, I wanted to call it "all about my days" but I made a mistake signing in, so that title is lost forever.... Then I thought of One Day At A time...nope, no can do...someone got that first. So since I live my days one day at a time and never worry about the future or dwell upon the past...I think it's apropos for me to write about things...only for today. So hello to everyone and welcome to my days..