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The Wish... Two years ago I celebrated a milestone and one of my fondest wish was to be gifted a yellow labrador. I started sending out hints to my guests-to-be...but they all ignored me, for the simple reason that these dogs were too expensive for their wallets. The argument was...if I was not willing to part with my hard-earned money to buy one...why should they? was my birthday! Anyway, I didn't get it...until... The Better Late than Never Gift... Last Sunday, 2 years, 5 months and several days after that all important birthday, my son's friend casually mentioned that he was giving away 2 more puppies of his yellow lab. Now, imagine me looking disinterested but deep inside my heart was pounding with excitement saying to my son... why don't you get one ? And his friend said he can give us one if we want it...before my son could say anything, I said with a big grin... we'll pick it up tomorrow . The next day, after my meetings in Bacolod, I went s