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And Then?.....Blog!

Okay, so this is a continuation of sorts from my last post ...after doing all that, what next? The answer came two days later.  I am now participating actively in a local blogging community, the Negros Bloggers . We are a growing group of people from or in Negros who blogs about anything and everything under the sun.  They have started to organize in 2009 and I was invited by a friend through Facebook to attend a blogging seminar they organized in October 2010.  It was serendipitous I think, because I met some really sincere people who are so into blogging, I felt this was my chance to expand my blogging into something more than just an on and off hobby.  And so, after connecting with more experienced I am active member of Negros Bloggers. So far I have attended 3 enjoyable meetings, the last one was downright hilarious...this is a group with a very good sense of humor but definitely serious about blogging and in fact we have several activities lined up for the

Time On My Hands

What does one do when one is suddenly given 60 days to do nothing? The possibilities are endless...I can eat   ...pray (photo courtesy of DLFC/Grace) (photo courtesy of DLFC/Grace) and love... something that I am constantly surrounded with by my family who I know loves true friends who support me whatever happens, and most importantly, I now know how much God loves me.