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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guihulngan and Lalimar Before And After The Earthquake

Coastal road of Guihulngan City before the earthquake
After the Earthquake (photo by Bongbong Woo Tadifa /FB)
Lalimar Resort, La Libertad
photo retrieved from skyscrapercity
The Guihulngan City coastal road is one of the more beautiful coastlines in Negros Island.  Look at it now...and this is just a portion of the whole road that was destroyed. I tried to contact Lalimar Resort, but they were not answering.  We enjoyed our overnight stay there in 2010 that my family and I were planning to go back this summer, this time with the parish pre-school teachers whom my mom supervises. I hope we still can. But it is not the destruction of the infrastructures that is heartbreaking, but the lost of so many lives. With the many disasters affecting the country, one would think that we should have learned our lessons well by now. Apparently, we haven't.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Road Trip...The Last Adventure for Summer 2010 - Lalimar

Mornings at Lalimar is wake up to this...

a view of serene water meeting the blue sky...

My brother was up early, so he had breakfast with our driver-mechanic at the resto-bar by the pool. My mom, daughter and her nanny were having their breakfast at the cottage veranda and told me to order mine. I wanted bacon and eggs but was told "baconsilog" was not available so I opted for "longsilog" instead, also to be delivered to the cottage of course...I told you, they had great room service...although I think it's also because my mom is a big tipper :) The kids were still asleep so I decided to explore our surroundings while waiting for breakfast.

Cottage 1 where we stayed
the beautiful eternity pool

As you can see from my amateur pictures (taken with a simple digital camera), that this is a beautiful place and I'm very happy that we came.  Although the beach was full of stones, pebbles and corals, they were not sharp but rather fact walking on them carelessly could result in slipping like what happened to my son...causing a huge tear in his board shorts (the reason for the needle and thread).  The best footwear are slippers or sandals with good soles or snorkel shoes.  After getting their bearings, the kids walked on until the water reached above their waist and I could see them snorkeling.  The water was crystal clear and schools of fish could be seen even close to the shore...

We decided to have lunch before we left (check-out time 12 noon) and they offered an Italian menu.  I found out that they have an Italian chef who just started about 2 weeks before.  So we had 3 kinds of spaghetti and broccoli soup. They didn't have french bread (the oven will be delivered next week yet, said the chef) so we had to make do with the white bread we brought.  All in all, it was a satisfying meal and after saying our goodbyes to the staff, we were on our way home.

The way back home gave us a different perspective of the highway...driving up the mountains of San Carlos, we saw this...

San Carlos City's version of the Chocolate hills

and then this...


It was a great way to end the summer of 2010 and we will definitely come back...maybe sooner than later.

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