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Okay, this is not exciting anymore. PHILVOCS has recorded 43 aftershocks as of 6 PM today.  I have felt at least 3, the last one just a minute ago.  It is dark now and I am very worried that this will continue into the night.  I am just grateful that we have a sturdy house and hardwood dining tables that we can all hide under.  Since the signs all point out to a stay alert, sleepless night...I am sharing our household's emergency/disaster preparations. A.  Before first aid kit one emergency light/flashlight per room water bottle for each person mobile phone charged/ extra batteries radio whistle check all gas outlets, secure all breakable fixtures/decors secure cabinets and place all breakables inside put heavy items on lower shelves identify your safe spots (no it is not under the door) like the inside corners of your walls During get out of the house once an earthquake happens but if there is not enough time get under the dining room table first. DROP, COVER &