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first semester SY 2007-08

The first semester for the SY 07-08 has ended and Ramie failed his accounting subject. He didn't expect it because he had passing grades for the pre-lims and he was really downhearted. I did not get angry anymore but he had to take a lecture from me. The up-side is that he got a 25 % athletic scholarship for the second semester for being in the Taekwondo Varsity Team of the university. It was a good semester for the Section of Bioethics of the College of Medicine. One of the faculty is back after finishing the Erasmus Mundos Masters in Bioethics program, so now we might be able to start our own Bioethics program in the graduate school. Hopefully we will be able to develop better teachers and established a department, not just a section. I was also made a part of the green team during the University Days and it gave me the opportunity to bond with the students. We were the Green Gang and we gave a good fight...unfortunately we lost but we had the coolest t-shi