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The Lederhosen Bring Back Memories

Just recently I was doing some research on costumes and I saw a picture of a man wearing Lederhosen . This triggered fond memories of my childhood.   Three, in fact.  The first one is that of my grandmother and  her favorite childhood story. She had this illustrated book titled "Heidi", a novel written by Swiss author Johanna Spyri about a young orphan girl left in the care of her grandfather. My Lola Rizing loved this book and told it to me over and over again. When I learned how to read, I memorized this story by heart and even today, I still feel so close to Heidi, Peter, Clara, and of course, Grandfather.  One of my most fervent childhood wish was to live in a loft near the Alps, and I also badgered my grand-aunt who was a dressmaker, to make me a garment just like Heidi's which I later learned was called a dirndl. I will always remember Grandfather and Peter wearing breeches, which I now know as Lederhosen.