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By now, I should have learned that phrase by heart...God knows I have said it to myself a, a thousand times for years now. But somehow I never quite got it. So many things still disappoint me...People most especially. I don't know if it's me...or them. Maybe I expect too much, hope too much or I'm just a person who is very hard to please. I know that to a lot of people I may come across as a "difficult" person...because I follow certain standards that are different from theirs. I used to wonder if my standards were too high or hard to do...and someone told me, not's just that they are different. Through the years, I believe I have mellowed. This does not mean I have lowered my standards, on the contrary I think my standards of behavior, ethics, my idealism etc...have even grown higher and stronger. I still get exasperated and frustrated everyday of my life...I still have the propensity to try to solve every problem that comes to

friends and expectations

I would always say... blessed are those who expect nothing and they shall not be disappointed , and I try my best to live this in most of everything that happens in my life. But sometimes I don't succeed very well and that I find this is easier said than done. Last Tuesday, it happened again when I felt really neglected because I have not been hearing from a friend I cared about. Suddenly, it seemed that our friendship was important only to me. It's not a new feeling, but this time it felt real. In the past, I would ignore the questions in my mind...after all, I had no expectations. This was an accidental friendship and I was just happy that I found a friend who I felt understood me. But as the years go, I feel from my point of view that the friendship is beginning to fall apart. Maybe because now I have expectations while my friend continue to have none? But a friendship is like a seed... it is planted, it is nourished, it grows roots before it can survive. Friendship i


It happens...that sometimes our self-talk can no longer be separated from what is real and what is not...from what is false and what is true. The things that we tell ourselves sometimes reaches a point that the what is and what should be becomes a blur. Many people are like this. Even me. Sometime in our lives, we have experienced distorting truth and convincing ourselves that we are right. But self-talk is actually good. It's a way of coping and builds self-confidence. It only becomes damaging when it makes a person delusional, egotistical and narcissistic. Then, that person becomes his own worst enemy.