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Twenty-Six Years Ago...

I remember that night as clearly as if it happened yesterday. It was about 7 PM and we were all gathered at the table after dinner listening to what was happening in Manila on the radio. Then, we heard it..."wala na si Marcos" (Marcos is gone)...we all looked at each other as if to check if we all heard it right. Then I saw my dad for the first time ever in my life, with tears in his eyes and in a quivering voice saying, we are free .  My mom started crying and suddenly everyone was laughing (and crying all at the same time), cheering, jumping and hugging each other.  We all climbed into our car and drove to the town center, where the church bells were ringing , people streaming into the street in their night clothes (just like us), some did not even bother to put their dentures on!  There was a lot of clapping, cheering, hugging and pure joy in everybody's face.  The police kept a respectful distance but some were also waving and clapping.  That was our shin