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On Jeremy Lin And My Beloved New York Knicks

I have been so busy the last 5 days that I have not been online much, except to check my mail.  As I opened my Facebook, I saw a lot of posts about Jeremy Lin but I did not think much of it, although I did see from the pictures posted that he was a basketball player.  Tonight however, I read a blogger friend's update about being in love with this guy and I got curious.  How good is his game?  So I googled his name and I find that Jeremy Lin is a New York Knicks player !  Now THAT got my attention.  I was a kid when I fell in love with the New York Knickerbockers (now just NY Knicks ) and idolized their stars Walt Frazier , Willis Reed , the late Dave Debusschere .  This was in the late 60's and my dad (who was a Celtics fan) and I would watch the NBA on TV. I can't remember exactly if it was a live telecast (no cable TV yet) but thinking back, I think it was because I remember we would put bets on our favorite teams and tease each other on who would win. I was over the