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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guihulngan and Lalimar Before And After The Earthquake

Coastal road of Guihulngan City before the earthquake
After the Earthquake (photo by Bongbong Woo Tadifa /FB)
Lalimar Resort, La Libertad
photo retrieved from skyscrapercity
The Guihulngan City coastal road is one of the more beautiful coastlines in Negros Island.  Look at it now...and this is just a portion of the whole road that was destroyed. I tried to contact Lalimar Resort, but they were not answering.  We enjoyed our overnight stay there in 2010 that my family and I were planning to go back this summer, this time with the parish pre-school teachers whom my mom supervises. I hope we still can. But it is not the destruction of the infrastructures that is heartbreaking, but the lost of so many lives. With the many disasters affecting the country, one would think that we should have learned our lessons well by now. Apparently, we haven't.

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