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Purple Is My Lucky Color For 2013

Well, that's what the Chinese Year of the Snake 2013 forecast says for a monkey like me, heheheh. Thus, this is the reason for the change of color of my blog, although I'm not superstitious (okay, maybe a teeny, weeny bit).  Besides, I love the color purple. Now if it said green or yellow, that would be a totally different story because those are not my colors at all!  The monkey's other lucky colors aside from purple, are pink and white both of which are fine with me since my little girl loves pink and I like white.   But it also says that our lucky stone is peridot, which is confusing because being April born, my birthstone is diamond.  Peridot is green (yuck) and diamonds are a girl's best friend! No contest! Snakes are not cute like monkeys (wink, wink)...but the one above is the closest one I found to being one ;) To one and all...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!