Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Year, Another Birthday...

I can't believe it's April already...4 months into 2010 and I'll be having another birthday a few days from now.  Birthdays aren't anything like they were before...I used to look forward to my birthdays but now, before I know it, the day is here. Last year, I even forgot it!  Hey, I don't mind growing older but unlike the time when one is a kid and birthdays were all about you, now-a-days the celebration isn't so much about you anymore but rather an opportunity for people to celebrate...even if you don't really care to.  There are actually 2 of us who will be having a birthday a few days first, then my niece who will be turning 13.  She of course, is so excited and will be having a 3 day celebration, while I will be attending a seminar workshop in another city and spend my birthday morning there...which I hate because even though I don't want to celebrate, birthdays with family waking me up with kisses and hugs is still a big deal for me!  Of course, being away is one good reason for non-celebration but still, I know some people expect something...and  I know I'd feel guilty later on if I just ignore my cream and cake, everyone?

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