Buy Premade Food, Or Make It Yourself?

When I was single, it was the struggle that I always dealt with – should I buy premade food at the grocery store, or should I buy the supplies and make it myself. Since I was young, was just eating for myself, I typically opted to buy the premade items (or just skip the grocery store in general and stay with fast food), but now I’ve changed some of my ways. Here are some thoughts on whether you should buy premade food or just make it yourself. 

The Pros of Premade Food

Premade food is a wonderful gift to the lazy and the cooking-inept.  Premade food is both convenient, and tasty.  If you go into any grocery store, you get the range of the deli, to the freezer where there are premade meals, to even the produce section, where you can typically find premade salads.

The biggest pro of premade food is the convenience and time it saves from actually having to cook.  If you’re short on time, this can be the way to go.  Also, if you can’t really cook, just getting something premade can be the easy way out. 

The Pros of Making It Yourself

However, there are many pros to making food yourself too.  Making food from scratch can be both a fun experience, and can be cheaper.  For example, buying a head of lettuce, a tomato, and an onion will probably run you about $1.50.  However, buying  a premade bag of salad will probably cost you about $3.  This example applies to just about everything. 

When you buy things individually as well, you can also use coupons and discounts like net voucher codes, to save even more money.  

So Which Should You Choose?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of both, which should you choose?  Well, it still depends.  When you buy items individually, you typically have to make more than one meal.  If you don’t think you can eat it all in time, you could get spoilage, which may mitigate the savings you get from buying individually.  


  1. How are you merl?
    I am trying to be a good mom and cook our own as much as possible. But sometimes, it's just so hard to do all those. I am still buying breads, but hopefully soon, I'll be making my own.

  2. Food never spoil in our house, we put left over in the freezer. Then when I am in the mood to experiment or cook, I thaw the left-over and mix it with new dish or garnish with fresher ingredients. Or simply have the frozen food thawed/heated in a microwave.

  3. There are dishes that I'd rather buy pre-made and others that has to be cook by me or my Mom. I would say between pre-made and home cooked, it's 50-50 for me =)

  4. I rather cook my food than to buy pre-made food. Peo pag emergency may biglaang visitors, I buy outside.

  5. I always choose to cook our own food. But in case of not having the time to do the cooking ,we choose to buy some premade food from trusted sellers.

  6. its a win win for me and my husband! in singapore its more convenient for at least 3 people inside the house to just buy in a hawker place or go the nearest mall since u can buy just 2dollar food with rice 2 meats or 2veggies vice versa. but sometimes we just crave for some food that you want to eat that you can't get in here so we just cooked them hehe xx

  7. Premade food would be my choice if there is no time to do it.

  8. I say, both! and it depends on the situation. Haha!

  9. I would love making our on food, however, we don't have enough time to prepare it, my partner and I are too busy to do it.


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